Each month our Community Security Officers (CSO) are approached for assistance by more than 20,000 visitors to our district. Since 1993 we have given aid to over 4,000,000.  Most of these requests are for directions or general information. In some cases, the request is more substantial: a lost wallet, a sick pedestrian or a lost child.

For instance, a BID CSO was approached by a woman who informed him that she had become separated from her 13 year old daughter. The CSO took a description of the teenager and used our walkie talkie system to alert all security personnel of the incident. The Police were also notified through 911. We found the child about five blocks away and returned her to her mother.

In another case, a man who appeared to be disoriented and in distress approached one of our CSOs and stated that he needed to speak to his wife. The CSO allowed the man to use his cell phone and the man called his wife in Connecticut. Our officer called our security office for Emergency Medical Services through 911. While waiting for their arrival, the CSO called the man’s wife for additional information. He was given information about medication and the man’s private doctor. EMS arrived, took the information from our officer and proceeded to New York Presbyterian Hospital where the man’s doctor was waiting for him.

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