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Twenty five years ago, a group of Fifth Avenue property owners and retailers contributed funds for a clean up crew consisting of just two part-time employees. The purpose of that nascent Clean Team was to show how we could improve the appearance of our neighborhood and thereby encourage others to support the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID) that would keep our area clean, safe and welcoming. Today, our 40 member staff provides supplemental security and sanitation services; we also assist tourists and act as an advocate for Fifth Avenue from 46th Street to 61st Street and 57th Street from Madison Avenue to Avenue of the Americas.

For more specific details on our services, see our SECURITY, SANITATION and VISITOR ASSISTANCE pages under ABOUT US. A list of our board and staff members can also be found under this tab. Also, have a look at our THEN AND NOW page to see the progress we've made over the years!

You can also use this web site to find RETAIL STORES, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, CHURCHES or BANKS within our district by looking under the OUR DISTRICT title of the site's navigation.
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